Friday, September 7, 2012

NoNo Sparks The Ark (Puzzle games)

NoNo Sparks The Ark (Puzzle games)

 In the puzzle game NoNoSparks: The Ark you must complete each of the number puzzles to gather materials, lifeforms and tools to build the Ark before the deluge. More NoNoSparks: NoNoSparks Genesis
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Other Puzzle games
  • StickyLinkyStickyLinky
    Puzzle game. Stick the same colored monsters together to grow them into bigger units.
  • QlightQlight
    Jump on the platforms to light them up. Light up all the platforms to complete the level.
  • Cargo Bridge 2Cargo Bridge 2
    Build bridges using wood, rope and other stuff to transport the cargo from one end to the other.
  • Fusion RocketFusion Rocket
    Puzzle game. Match 2 or more gems to make bigger ones that charge your rocket to fly!
  • GhostedGhosted
    Puzzle game. Help the ghost to pick up all stars and reach the exit of each challenging level.
  • Break The IceBreak The Ice
    Puzzle game. Match 3 or more of the same penguins to clear each of the levels.

Love Story Game

Love Story Game
Help the cute couple find the hidden numbers and complete their Love Story.

Monday, August 20, 2012


 The object of this game is to rotate the fruits until four fruits of the same kind form the four corners of a square. The square can be of any size and orientation. Tap to rotate the fruit and click the arrow buttons on the left to change the direction of rotation.

Other games like Fruits

Zoo Park

Zoo Park
As a zoo keeper, take care of the animals and give them what they want.

Similar games to Zoo Park

Tanooky Tracks (Puzzle games)

Tanooky Tracks (Puzzle games)
 In the point and click puzzle game Tanooky Tracks you need to help the people in the house to find all tanooky spirits in order to restore peace. Find and use the objects that will trigger the spirits to reveal themselves.

Other Puzzle games
  • Ship LoaderShip Loader
    Physics puzzle. Load the containers with different composition in a ship so it can take off.
  • Colliderix Level PackColliderix Level Pack
    Puzzle game. Try to get the blocks with the same color to touch each other and clear each level.
  • Vampire VisionVampire Vision
    It is your task to spot and kill the vampires in each place of the village so the people will be safe.
  • Rubble Trouble: TokyoRubble Trouble: Tokyo
    Clear all levels using different types of gear to destroy the buildings with.
  • Gentlemen Rats in Outer SpaceGentlemen Rats in Outer Space
    Physics puzzler. Help the rats on their mission to shoot the cheese made moon.
  • Color World OriginsColor World Origins
    Fill the boxes with the same color as the smiley using your canon. Use as few balls as you can.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Viva la Pasta

Viva la Pasta
Spicy tomato sauce with mushrooms, eggs, Parmesan or lobster mixed all up with your choice of angel hair, elbow and butterfly pasta! Its your choice as you go for the gold with this traditional blending of Italian and Mediterranean Pasta dishes. Custom made for any ap

Clausus 2 (Puzzle games)

Clausus 2 (Puzzle games)
 In the physics based action game Clausus 2 you must shoot the blocks off the screen using a variety of balls with different characteristics. Earn stars to unlock new types of ammo.

Other Puzzle games
  • Hippos vs. RhinosHippos vs. Rhinos
    Physics puzzle game. Remove all rhinos off the screen and let the hippos stay alive each level.
  • Deconstruction 2Deconstruction 2
    Explosive puzzle. You must blow up every building and make sure it gets under the target line.
  • Angry Birds: Pigs Out!Angry Birds: Pigs Out!
    Physics puzzle. Try to erase the green pigs from each level. Cut ropes and wood to get it done.
  • Three Olympic MedalsThree Olympic Medals
    Puzzle game. Make sure to get all of the medals at the right spot removing blocks.
  • CubinectCubinect
    Puzzle game. Try to connect all blocks of the same color by sliding them around the board.
  • GekisenGekisen
    You play the role of a duelist, a powerful swordsman who fights other duelists for glory and respect.
  • Lost Kingdom ProphecyLost Kingdom Prophecy
    Puzzle game. Find the missing elements and play match-3 or more games to complete the quest.
  • Impale 2Impale 2
    Physics puzzle. Shoot the zombies right at the machines that destroy them and get the light active.
  • StackerixStackerix
    Physics puzzle. Stack the shapes to reach the target line. Make sure to use different colors on each other.
  • Candy ConveyorCandy Conveyor
    Puzzle game. Add conveyor belts to the chains in order to get the right candy at the right place.
  • Kumba vs. The Evil PenguinKumba vs. The Evil Penguin
    Puzzle adventure. In a kingdom far away King Kumba needs to find back his kidnapped girlfriend.
  • Ninja Painter 2Ninja Painter 2
    Puzzle game. Move through the levels and try to paint the stated areas with the right color.